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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sunday Linking

* Two new blogs have entered my blogroll this week. The first is my fellow countryman Juan de Mairena, who has by the way discovered a big mistake in my recent chess game pointing out that if my opponent had played 32. Rg1 instead of 32. Qh8+ I would have been lost. Should teach me to check my games more carefully next time before posting them. The second one is a very recent blog that has already earned lots of linkings for his excellent debunking of bogus mathematical arguments: Good Math, Bad Math.

* Sean Carroll has an interesting post at Cosmic Variance on atheism in America, adding some reflections to an old discussion: whether the strategy for evolutionists in public controversies should rely more on exposing the public to religious scientists to emphasize the compatibility of theism and evolution. I had a comment on one of this these old discussions that summarizes my position, and is also somehow complementary to my previous post.

* Week 228 of John Baez's This Week's Finds classical column is out. The most interesting part for quantum gravity-interested folks is the (alas, so brief!) comment on Lauscher and Reuter's work in assymptotically safe gravity and its criticism by Distler.

* There is a fun discussion of a utility paradox at Philosohy, et cetera. I have a couple of comments.

* I also comment, on Terminator-like circular chains of causation, on this post at Siris.

* The Little Professor has posted a funny list of rules for Victorian historical fiction. Links can be found there to other lists of rules for historical fiction set in other periods.


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