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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Google thinks Brokeback Mountain deserved the Oscar

This is funny. Go to Google and search for "I'm really glad Crash won" (with the quote marks). See the response and laugh. Do it quickly because as more people blog about this it will probably dissapear.

Hat tip: Language Log.


It's already gone. The funny thing was that Google found only 1 hit, and asked: "Did you mean 'I'm really glad trash won'?" According to Language Log, this is most likely not due to the aesthetic evaluation Google does of the movie Crash, but to the existence of Glad Trash Bags, a brand of trash bags which makes "glad trash" a more common combination on the Web that "glad crash". Ironically, the suggested combination "I'm really glad trash won" found 0 hits until bloggers started to pick up this story.


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