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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

First Month Stats

In fact it has been exactly five weeks since I started blogging, but only 30 days since I installed the sitemeter. So here are my first month of visitor statistics:

Total number of visitors: 839
Average number of visitors per day: 27

Visitors per country: Sitemeter does not save this information for all visitors but only for the last 100, which are not representative. But approximately the usual composition is:

United States: 35-45%
Argentina: 15-25%
UK: 4-6%
Australia, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Finland: 2-4% each
Many other countries: 1-2% each

Visitors per referring page: About one third of the visitors come from the link on Peter Woit's blog, one third from "unknown" places (presumably people that have me in Favorites or in their RSS feeds) and one third from other places, such as my cynical friend, my rock star friend, Siris, Cosmic Variance, comments I make at other blogs, and random google searches like the one that inspired the previous post. Occasionally a link to this blog brings in a lot of traffic; this accounts, in the following graph, for the spike on February 6-7 (thanks to a couple of links to my post on George Deutsch) and for today's spike (thanks to Coturnix linking to the chess entropy calculation).

Overall, I am quite happy with these results for the first month. I seem to have a small band of loyal readers, about a third of them friends and two-thirds of them people I don't know. We'll see if I manage to keep the interest of these and build up a larger audience as more time passes. For the time being, thanks to all of you for coming!


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