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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Back to the Blogging: London pictures

The promised report on the Marcel Grossmann conference I was in last week is not completed yet. (I am making it really, really thorough). I expect to post it tomorrow, or the day after if I get delayed. On other news, after the conference I went two days to London to meet up with Jonás, an Argentinian friend who is traveling around Europe. Here you can see us in Kew Gardens:

Later, strolling by an area near Baker Street, we found just by chance this house where José de San Martín, the foremost Argentine national hero, has appearently lived:

Of course, giving that I lean towards philosophical rationalism more than towards militant nationalism, this discovery was (though amusing) far less exciting than the one I made in my first visit to London almost two years ago. Just a couple of hours after arriving, I found myself by chance staring at Bertrand Russell's house!

And really, what more could you ever ask from a city?


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