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Sunday, August 20, 2006

August blogroll update

New links that you can find on the sidebar:

The n-Category Café, group blog starring John Baez, Dave Corfield and Urs Schreiber, which according to Jacques Distler in the introductory post "will focus on that heady interface between Physics, Mathematics and Philosophy"

Asymptotia, solo blog starring Clifford Johnson where he can post all the things he wants without worrying about unbalancing the group blog at Cosmic Variance.

Conscious Entities, an excellent blog focused on philosophy of mind.

A couple of blogs "of general interest" which I find myself checking often enough to merit inclusion: Majikthise, and Obsidian Wings. The latter has some invaluable discussions on the Israel-Lebanon conflict, over which I have been brooding a lot recently (but not enough to dare posting about it as Scott did!)

One more of my friends has started a blog: Alejo's Remando el Tsunami.

Two sites for the "Other" category: the Slate online magazine, and Autoliniers, which features daily comic strips by Argentinian humorist Liniers. (Well yes this last one is a blog, but it didn't fit any preexisting category and I wasn't going to create one for it. Any problems with that?)


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