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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Blogroll Update

Additions and changes:

Two new (at least to me) physics blogs with interests close to those of this one: At String School and Road to Unification.

Links updated to several of my often-checked blogs which have moved to join the Science Blogs community: Jason Rosenhouse's Evolution Blog, Mike Chu-Carroll's Good Math, Bad Math, Coturnix's A Blog Around the Clock, and Chris's Mixing Memory. Science Blogs seems to be growing exponentially with the goal of encompassing the whole scientific blogosphere, though physics is still quite underrepresented (and biology takes the cake). So I expect it will be a long time till I am invited to join... I have become addicted to regularly checking updates in all Science Blogs via the last 24 hours aggregator, and anyone interested in science should as well.

One new addition to the Philosophy Blogs section: Philosophers' Playground. I keep discovering interesting-looking philosophy blogs and then losing them because I forget to link to them. Perhaps it's wise, because more the more links I see in my blogroll, the greater the temptation to check them in work hours...

This one does not make it to the blogroll because of its temporary nature, but deserves a mention here: the World Cup Blog. Joining blogs from each of the 32 participating countries, and offering liveblogging with extensive commentary for every single game, this is the best place in the blogosphere -perhaps the best place in the Web- to follow the World Cup. It is strange that am completely indifferent to football for the most part of my life (I haven't followed the local Argentinian championship since I was 14 years old, nor the national Argentinian team for the last 3 or 4 years, except during the Olympic Games) but when a World Cup arrives I feel compelled to watch every game I can, and discuss and make comments as if I knew something...


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