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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

FSTDT February Awards

I have to confess I guilty pleasure I have. Do you see, on my sidebar, the link named "Fundies Say The Darndest Things!"? Have you ever clicked on it, or been to the site by other means? Then you will understand my confession, which is that I go into FSTDT at least once per day, usually more, just to have a good laugh.

FSTDT is a website where you can submit bizarre, absurd, ridiculous or bigoted quotes by fundamentalists, taken form discussion boards anywhere in the Internet. The topics can be Creationism, the Rapture, examples of homophobia, or just plain religious or political fanaticism. But only the really, really darndest sayings get approved by the webmaster and are published there to be commented an laughed upon by site visitors. An ordinary "Evolution is not a fact, just a theory promoted by atheistic scientists!" or "God is on the side of America!" won't make it there; much too vulgar. Instead, you can read things like:

"how could organisms complexity develop, without first having an organism to start with? Wouldn't that then mean an organism was dormant even before our earth supposedly broke away from one giant rock? And if this organism was dormant even before the big bang, how is it more believable to say that something existed, without anything to make it exist?"


"Part of the reason evolution was offered was they were looking for more sex, and didn't like Christianity telling them about morality."


"I don't care what they do. They can do now rong to me. Everynight and every waking moment , I thank God that we have Pres.Bush and VP Cheney and Tom Delay and Bill Frist to watch over us. They can do no wrong. I love them."

which, believe it or not, are not really extreme at all compared to the average stuff you find there. I just picked them at random.

So that is my confession. I feel guilty about it because it is not really nice to be deliberatly getting so many laughs from the stupidity of others. It is a low form of pleasure, and a form of arrogance as well. But I can't stop it. These darn fundies make me laugh too much.

And, to get to the title of the post and the reason I am writing it today, the "FSTDT Awards" for the best posts submitted in February have been given, and you can read them (along with all the February posts, if you are patient enough) by entering the main page and then clicking on the February link. There are 30 awards, with categories like "Non-sequitur of the Month" and "Marching Proudly into the Sixteenth Century Award", and all are incredibly funny, except when they make you feel sick for your fellow humans. Be sure not to miss the "WTF? Award" or the "Drugs are Bad Award" which make me laugh till I cry every time I read them. And the first "Post of the Week", which is just... let's say revolting but also funny. Also go down in the page till you see the hilarious yellow sign that starts "You make me sick" (not an award but should have been; was a submission of yours truly).

Note: the site is not about mocking religion, it is about mocking fundamentalism. There is even a "Secular Fundie of the Month" award, for an especially arrogant atheist. So you can go there without problem if you are a sensible religious person... only that you will feel sad for the silliness of so many of your fellow believers.


  • Wow, this post is almost 18 months old and still shows up on a google top ten for "fstdt". I read it often as well, so don't feel so bad. If you want some truly cynical entertainment, go to any prayer request site and read a few. The people praying for cancer healings can get depressing, but there are some rare gems as well. My favorite so far is one anonymous supplicant praying "Lord Jesus, money is so tight right now. Please heal me of my debts."

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:14 AM, June 17, 2007  

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