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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

BritGrav 6 coming!

The 6th British Gravity Meeting will be on Tuesday-Wednesday next week -here in Nottingham! Looking at the list of participants and abstracts the meeting looks like it's going to be really interesting -and looking at the programme it looks like it's going to be really exhausting. 29 talks in 2 days.

So I don't think it's likely that I'll do real-time blogging of the conference or anything like that -it will all be too much of a rush. But do expect a report on the meeting and on the most interesting talks to come out by Thursday!

Notice that I will be speaking, as will in fact all the members of our Quantum Gravity research group. Perhaps in the following days I'll manage to post something on the work I'm doing now -it seems unfair that the people coming to the conference will learn about it before than you, my Loyal Readers. Stay tuned.


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