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Sunday, February 19, 2006


For first time in my life I tried to cook knishes this evening. (As I have encountered people, even Jewish people, who don't know what they are, probably I have to explain that they are traditional Jewish pastries filled usually with potato and onion. And no, I didn't cook them today because seeing Munich made me rediscover my Jewishness. I had planned it already before.)

When I had the pastries almost prepared and ready to put in the oven, a flatmate of mine reminds me that the oven is not working! D'oh! (as you see I don't use it too often). Fortunately a friend of mine lives just two blocks away and when I called her she agreed to me using her oven and eating at her place, even though she and her boyfriend had eaten already. The knishes were quite good for being a first try, though not as good as my Granny's -not that I was expecting that! Perhaps next time less potato and more onion will get it closer, though the real challenge will be daring to make the dough myself instead of buying it. After coming back home (leaving some of the knishes for my friends to try tomorrow) I took the picture you see above.


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