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Monday, January 19, 2009

One Year Later, the Belated End

I think that when exactly one year passes without updating one's blog, it is a perfect moment to declare it officially dead. Of course, unoficially it has been dead for a long time, and probably none of my old readers is still checking this; but it is better anyway to have a proper closure, if not for anything else, at least to avoid random Google searchers thinking that the main focus of the blog was chess. So hereby I declare Reality Conditions officially defunct.

As a last bit of retrospective navel-gazing, and to ease the work of future searching and referencing, I am including here an index of my favourite posts.

Physics and Philosophy of Physics:

- Relational Quantum Mechanics (and the follow-up Taking back my words)

- Landscape chat

- On Price on the Arrow of Time (and the follow-up On Price (and Penrose) on Time Asymmetry in Quantum Mechanics)

- On not taking a stance

- Book Review: Paul Davies, Cosmic Jackpot

- Lagrangians, Hamiltonians, and Scientific Realism

- Report on the Quantum Gravity School: the discussion

- Quantum Mechanics in words of one syllable

- Loops 07: Conference report (part 3, including discussion session)

- Quantum Gravity Colloquium: the discussion. (QM vs. QG: the Grudge Match!)

Philosophy, Religion and Philosophy of Religion:

- Book Review: Thomas Nagel, The Last Word

- Are Evolution and Theism Compatible? (and the follow-up More on the compatibility of evolution and theism: Reply to Pruss)

- Chalmers, Dennett, and the Zombies

- Atheism, Religion, and Rationality; or, do you think that all those who believe in God are stupid?

- An examination of Dawkins’ “Ultimate 747” argument

Fun stuff:

- Weirdest Google Search leading someone to this blog (so far)

- What people search for here

- Mathematicians and computers

- Book review: Neal Stephenson, The Baroque Cycle

- Upstuff

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