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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

#1 in Google meme

Yet another meme that has been going around to replace what could have been a thoughtful post with some navel-gazing fun. This time the idea is to find five search keywords or phrases that retrive your blog as first result in Google. I found several of these after some playing around (trying to avoid obvious things like post-titling phrases unlikely to appear elsewhere). My 5 favourite examples:

1. reality conditions

Yes, an obvious one, but considering that it is a common phrase in mathematics and mathematical physics and also the title of a book, I am rather proud to be the first one (the first two, actually).

2. evolution and theism compatible

I get both results #1 and #2 for this one! If that doesn't make me a Neville Chamberlain evolutionist, I don't know what can make it ;).

3. review thomas nagel

4. review lee smolin

5. review cosmic jackpot

My book reviews seem to be rather popular with Google. I am also #2 (after Amazon) for the simple string "cosmic jackpot". Curiously enough, I am #1 for "review neal" but not for "review neal stephenson".

And as bonus, the result that indulges my vainity the most: I am the #10 google result for the search "alejandro", thus appearing in the first page displayed, just a few lines below Peru president Alejandro Toledo, filmmaker Alejandro Amenabar, and Alexander the Great (who is Alejandro Magno in Spanish).



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