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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me

Well, not to me, Alejandro Satz. My own birthday was a couple of weeks ago. In the title of the post I am lending my voice to the blog Reality Conditions itself, which was celebrates today its first birthday.

When I started blogging I was much, much, much more enthusiastic about it than now. In my first month I posted 37 times! Afterwards my zest declined, settling now in only one or two posts per week, as you can sumrise from the following chart:

The good news is that I don't think the frequency of posts will decrese significantly in the future. I am satisfied with this rhythm of two or three substantial and longish posts per month, plus as many short posts with links or random comments as I fancy. My readership, after growing fastly in the first four months, has reached a rather stable average as well, of about 1500-1700 visits per month:

(Yes, I am a freaking obsessive neurotic for posting and analyzing all these charts. You don't need to tell me that.) Of course the majority of visitors are from Google and other search engines, but I have typically about 20 people per day that come deliberately to read what I write; as probably most people don't come every day, there may be twice or three times as many people who check this blog regularly and are interested in my writing. To all them, thanks!


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