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Saturday, December 30, 2006

End-of-the-Year Miscellany

Physics blog post of the week: Scott Aaronson's Mercenary in the String Wars.

Physics blog comment of the week: Sean's admission at a follow-up to Scott's post, where after some litigation he forfeited to me all the money he made by using the phrase "String Wars", which belongs officially to me now.

Books bought this week at the cheap prices for secondhands in Buenos Aires: Kim Stanley Robinson's The Years of Rice and Salt, Vladimir Bartol's Alamut, and Louis Menard's The Metaphysical Club; all in perfect condition and at a total price of 34 pesos, or about 6 pounds. I'm aiming at finishing the first one before I fly back to Nottingham; it is an alternative history based on the premise of the total extermination of the European population by the Black Death and the gradual rise of Islam and China as major world powers. Engrossing at some parts, boring at others.

Dream of the week: a doze I had today, in which I figured out the final theory of quantum gravity. The only thing I remembered in awaking is that the key concept was the notion of "more or less".

Friend of the week: my cynical friend, aka Bad Santa, aka The Ghost of Christmas; he knows why.

Greeting of the week for all my readers: Have a happy 2007!


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